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About Shezan Bakers

One of the most pleasant moments of life are the sugary indulgences we allow ourselves and share with others on joyful occasions, sometimes just to turn an ordinary day into a special one. From celebrating events with our famous mithais to afternoon tea-time with delicious patties and buttery biscuits, Shezan Bakers and Confectioners have been by your side for decades. We use the finest ingredients and the utmost care in hygiene to bring you the freshest of products every single morning at our bakeries around Lahore. We are proud to be part of this rich city's heritage, and will continue to serve you, making your life sweeter and more enjoyable every day. Read More

Shezan Favorites
Coconut Bread

PKR 70 Each

Plain Khatai (250 g)

PKR 180 Per 250 g

Dry Chocolate Cake (Small) (1 lb)

PKR 400


PKR 50 Each


PKR 100 Each

Chicken Turnover

PKR 75 Each

Chicken Bread (Large)

PKR 200 Each

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Mango Ice Cream Cake

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Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Cake

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Praline Ice Cream Cake

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Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

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