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Since its inception in 1964, Shezan has evolved into a top-notch, internationally acclaimed food brand that is set apart due to the impeccable quality of its products. With our wide range of products made with the freshest fruits and vegetables from our very own orchards, Shezan aims at providing you the diverse flavors of Pakistan.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality fruit and vegetable related juices and products to retail and food service customers.

We want to be the recognized industry leader in quality and service, providing more than expected for our customers, employees and stakeholders.

We will accomplish this by maintaining a tradition of pride in our products, growth through innovation, integrity in the management of our business, commitment to Team Management and the Quality Improvement Process


To be known as leader of quality products in the region.

Dedication to quality is a way of life at our Company, so much so that it goes far beyond rhetorical slogans. It is the objective of Shezan International Limited to produce and provide products and services of the highest quality. In its activities the Company will pursue goals aimed at the achievement of quality excellence and succeed as a profitable business. These results will be derived from the dedicated efforts of each employee in conjunction with supportive participation from management at all levels of the Company.

To play its role in the economic development of the country and to enhance quality of life of its people.

As a globally acclaimed brand, Shezan has a reputation which is strongly guarded by awards, certifications, titles and numerous other outstanding achievements.

  • All Shezan products have been certified as 100% Halal.
  • The products are certified under ‘HACCP’ (Hazard analysis and critical control points) which systematically protects food from damaging reactions that take place in the environment.
  • The company received the ISO certifications; 9001-2008 and 22000-2005.
  • Shezan also received the Quality Food Products certificate from the Rawalpindi Chamber Of Commerce.
  • The company was honored by the Karachi Stock Exchange when The Top Companies Award was accepted, in 1994.
  • We also received the prestigious Consumer Choice Award in 2013.


Research and Development is one of the basic fundamentals of any company. And Shezan is one of those companies that give extra importance to this field. Here at Shezan, we do not shy away from spending lavishly on the R&D Sector because along with taste, it is also responsible for determining the hygiene of any food product. And health and hygiene are our foremost priorities. Also, Shezan aims to provide tasty food which is both wholesome and nutritious! The ingredients that are not available locally are imported. Most of the fruits and vegetables are hand picked from Shezan’s orchards. These, along with other local and imported ingredients are then taken to our state-of-the-art microbiology labs, where they are examined and tested and the best quality ingredients are separated. The ingredients are creatively mixed and developed into new flavours. Shezan sculptures these new flavours into innovative products e.g. Shezan Twist which is a fusion of great flavours.

Here at Shezan, hygiene is of utmost importance. All ingredients are processed in such a way that their nutritional values are not affected adversely. This ensures excellent quality and an impeccable taste, which is characteristic of all Shezan products.

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